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Bigger than the Beatles
Bigger than the Beatles
Generous donor to SfD!
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Posted: 21/June/2004 at 03:52 | IP Logged  |  Copy the link in order to refer to this post Quote twiw

After a sfd member won $125 millions in a lottery he decided to invite the sfd top posters to a 2 hours live discussion on NBC he bought for them.

After all arrived in the same plane that collected all the members from all over the world, and after several delays beacuse Brian and twiw needed to refill the airplanes beer resources, they all met appropiate dressed - except for Pengu, who was wearing a Castro-sized beard and who was refusing to wear a tie on his bare chest - in the TV sudio.

As moderatos of that discussion they first decided on Genosse and tude dog, but immediatley after ES pulled his gun and threatened to shoot down anyone who was up to infrining the freedom of speech it was clear that the discussion would be unmoderated. The only rule that was agreed upon was that there would be no rules.

That no-rules agreement made Petar immediately leave the studio, the last what could be heard from him was "....WalMart!!!!".

So it became 8 pm, and the NBC speaker announced the upcoming debate that would be remembered better than the flight to the moon by those 85 million Americans who were watching the debate.

Genosse, expercienced in that kind of discussion took the word:

"Fellow debators, I hereby want to thank the....."

Brain: "Shut up. I'm out of beer. How the fuck do you think am I supposed to be able to talk when my throat is dried up?"

Maxim: "We should consider that minors are watching us so please use approriate language I will censor you and everybody else from now own if you don't behave. ES put your gun back into your holster. It's for the sake of our children"

Brian "Beep, beep, beer, beep, beep"

Hibakusha: "If Brian gets his beer I want to have my fried fish and...."

Genosse: "Are we here to debate or to prove to the world that we are only a bunch of clowns?"

Bulldog: "Again the beep is insulting me with their beep beep. Beep you, beep your country and beep anything else. And beep the beeps!"

headrock: "True Genosse, let's start already. But would it be possible to get me some smiley-signposts so I can make clearer what I actually mean?"

tude: "And I want some cartoon-signposts, there ain't a real debate without cartoons...."

Pengu: "Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep,"

Maxim: "Pengu!! Beep! If you are going on with talking like that I have to change my beepers battery every five minutes and will get spasms in my fingers! Stop it now"

Brian (who has bribed the camera-man into getting him two barrels of beer, what caused a black screen on 85 million tv-sets and a long and heartily sound of "gulp" out of the same number of loudspeakers): "Can some wake up twiw and tell him that this debate is still boring but that the beer is cold?"

cwintraining: "I'm not sure whether that's a good idea, there might be a law against waking up somebody at a TV-discussion, so we better let him snore away instead of getting sued for violating his right to sleep in public."

TriMT7: "Those beep Swiss, everytime it gets heated they close their eyes or look away."

ES: "BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!! The Swiss are not important, I am important here! I have a 3987546 posts on SFD....."

tude: "Yeah, with the same number of words alltogether..."

Genosse: "Could we pleaaaaaaase start debating now??"

Biggi: "Sure, let's start with making a public declaration that Israel is wrong, that the Palestinians are wrong and that the US is wrong!"

tude (hammering his head on the floor, with a trembling voice): "We need a moderator here, this is going nowhere. I suggest..."

Petar: "Nobody entitled you to suggest anything, we are all equal so you have no special right to make any suggestions. We make suggestion together!"

tude: "How should that work???"

Petar: "I don't know. But Lenin says so. And Lenin is always right


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tude dog
Bigger than the Beatles
(Troll Task Force)
Bigger than the Beatles
poor me,poor me, pour me another one

Joined: 13/February/2004
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Posted: 21/June/2004 at 05:17 | IP Logged  |  Copy the link in order to refer to this post Quote tude dog

   Damn, that was just to freaking hilarious,,

Great JOB!!!


Edited by tude dog on 21/June/2004 at 05:22

Old age and treachery will always defeat youth and skill. Old English Proverb
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Israel/Palestine Moderator Group
Israel/Palestine Moderator Group
Generous donor to SfD!
Member of Scandalous Liberal Alliance

Joined: 01/April/2004
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Posted: 21/June/2004 at 06:09 | IP Logged  |  Copy the link in order to refer to this post Quote cwintraining

 That was beautiful. Perhaps instead of beep you could use:  .

And, hey, someone has to protect your right to sleep on national television.

There are no facts, only interpretations.

                                                                            -Friedrich Nietzsche
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Bigger than the Beatles
(Troll Task Force)
Bigger than the Beatles
trotzdem wars schön

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Posted: 21/June/2004 at 11:40 | IP Logged  |  Copy the link in order to refer to this post Quote Genosse

I along with a guy I hardly knew outside of this used to preside over the annual meeting of a group that was WAY worse than this one. It was horrible. 8 to 10 hours of pure hatred. In the end, this group got one thing going: Per democratic vote and "Geschäftsordnungsantrag" ( ) they made my mod partner and me preside in teletubby masks for the rest of the day. So thanks, keep your moderatorjobs to yourself.

"... And when you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you."
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Joined: 23/July/2003
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Posted: 21/June/2004 at 14:43 | IP Logged  |  Copy the link in order to refer to this post Quote animus

BRAVO twiw

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