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StudentsforDemocracy (SfD) is intended to be a platform for people from all over the world to talk about what they want the world to look like and what needs to be done for that. It doesn't matter where you are from or what you believe in. Contribute and you will be welcome. The more colorful the better!

StudentsforDemocracy provides an international discussion board with debates, chats and challenges; politics and economy as well as social, environmental and historical issues being the main topics. English being the main language should not keep anyone from posting in any other language.

You are welcome whatever you have to say and in whatever language that might be. As long as you are following the very few rules on SfD you will be a most welcome member of StudentsforDemocracy.

This non-profit site is completely independent and not affiliated to any other sites, political parties or organisations of any kind. Therefore your posts will never get censored because of the content and its ideological direction. Uncensored diversity is what you will encounter throughout the forums.

And now - post away ;-)

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StudentsforDemocracy Topic:   Potential ISIS-inspired threat in USA
   Posted By : Brian Foley  (Apr 25 2015 9:50:58 PM)
FBI probing potential ISIS-inspired threat in US: reportThe Federal Bureau of Investigation is reportedly investigating a potential terrorist threat within the United States, possibly inspired by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).
In other words, the FBI/CIA is setting up its creation CIASIS (the old Al CIAda) to attack a target in America, so America can get an excuse to attack Syria and throw out the Assdad Government. Sorry Europe expect a huge attack and about 7 million more Arabs to flood Europe escaping the US War on the Oil World.
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StudentsforDemocracy Topic:   Kansas, Constitutional Carry State
   Posted By : Brian Foley  (Apr 25 2015 9:39:22 PM)
Maxim wrote:
So under authoritarian control there wasn't a drug problem? I'm sure there were a lot of things that weren't a "problem" then that became one once an AUTHORITARIAN REGIME was no longer in power. Keep in mind authoritarian regimes aren't exactly known for releasing accurate domestic statistics on any possible ailments of their citizens.

But geez... an authoritarian regime, huh? Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Cant you make two ends meet? Fuck talking with you is a chore, I showed you cases where Countries never had a drug problem, Portugal was the same as Spain under Franco, they werenít bad societies to live in, you could come and go as you wished, own property, private schools, social welfare etc. But Spain and Portugal prior to 1975 had no Drug problem, something people like yourself donít want to discuss, all you are concerned with is vindicating that decriminalization led to a fall. I left you a link that showed free access to Holistic health centres was the reason addiction halved out, decriminalizing users was simply common sense. Then another source that showed with the economic crisis and the shutting down of many of these Holistic centres addiction is rising again.
Maxim wrote:
What does this have to do with what I said?

You seem to have problems in following the debate, below is what I wrote and your answer:
Maxim wrote:
Brian Foley wrote:
Writing that you believe in restriction-less gun ownership is fine, that is, until the owner has a complete mental breakdown because he got sacked from his Job and ends up killing several fellow workers, or the individual shoots his girlfriend dead because she dumped him.
This happens in highly restricted countries. The regulations won't make a difference if someone wakes up and decides that "today is the day". Outlawing guns won't make a difference.

I provided the graph to demonstrate the rise in mass shootings in unrestricted America.
Maxim wrote:
Owning a gun is not a criminal act and barring any reasonable issue an individual may have that would restrict them form having a gun, no one should be able to dictate to another adult what they are allowed to have and what they are not allowed to have.?
I donít want some Dick head who is carrying a concealed weapon legally walk into a Bar that Im sitting in Drinking, I donít want a Fucking parent concealing turning up to a PTA meeting or to pick up his kids! I donít want some clowns turn up to a Cinema carrying with Fucking dates, UNDERSTAND! Its my life and my safety that I am worried about, and YOU have no right putting that into jeopardy because of some Junk Natural Law philosophy you hold to.
Maxim wrote:
A lot of straw man arguments lately....

The only straw here is what is between your Ears, your mind is locked tighter than a steel drum, get back to the old Maxim who posted here years ago, at least that Maxim analyzed problems.
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StudentsforDemocracy Topic:   From the it could only happen in Australi
   Posted By : odin  (Apr 25 2015 10:50:22 AM)
tude dog wrote:
The ones who believe they should be able to send there disease ridden children to public schools so to spread the misery.

Well if the inoculations really work which they don't how can they catch it ?
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StudentsforDemocracy Topic:   Ukraine invasion by Russia
   Posted By : odin  (Apr 25 2015 10:47:57 AM)
Shock Video: Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Nail Rebel Fighter to Cross, Burn Him Alive

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StudentsforDemocracy Topic:   Kansas, Constitutional Carry State
   Posted By : Maxim  (Apr 24 2015 8:48:41 PM)
A lot of straw man arguments lately....

"Well these people have said THIS or meant THIS.... so what is your answer for that?"

I'm more than willing to discuss and defend my own beliefs but I'm not going to take ownership for another person's beliefs that you've read about or argued with about in the past.
 Comments  : 47

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