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StudentsforDemocracy Topic:   Obama
   Posted By : odin  (Aug 2 2015 2:38:12 PM)
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StudentsforDemocracy Topic:   How did the central Government work?
   Posted By : Ilyas khan Balo  (Jul 31 2015 10:48:11 AM)

 How did the central Government work?

For stable democracy, it is the need of time to create sense of responsibility among mass, which can only be developed by their active participation in to the day to day decision making process affecting their life. It will defuse the centre sole power system in one hand or few of them and decentralize the power to empower the people at grass root level. Relation between centre and provinces and county must be creative, transparent and accountable to the people. All the provinces will represent equally in the centre. The members from the provincial assembly will be elected by the collective members from Counties, but it is essential that all the Counties get equal representation in the national assembly. The vacant seat in the PA will be filled in by the County to the province and wise a versa. The National Assembly will elect one minister from within the elected members, who will be called the prime minister, there, will be no more ministers in the National Assembly. The entire departments in the centre will be controlled by the committee consisting upon equal members from the provinces. Beside the policy making the centre will hold the following portfolio of:

• Export oriented Foreign policy

• Communication
• Currency.
• Defense


Export oriented foreign policy:


The surplus production from the entire county will be exported to the neighboring country as per their need and similarly we will import the product we need from them. This act will develop understanding and interdependency in the regional country. Cordial relation with neighbor will help to reduce fear, uncertainty and as a result defense expenses will decline and inclined the counties for investment in production unit. This path will create better understanding between people and government of regional countries and promote peace in the region. Our foreign policy shall not be influenced by any outside forces but shall be configure as per the requirement of National interest as decided by the National Assembly.







Communication is the responsibility of the Central government. They provide these facilities to the providence as per the need of their counties. For the rapid industrial, agriculture and defense purpose . The Central government will develop sea port for export purpose, rail net work in the province as per the need of product transfer, public travel and defense requirement of the modern days. Air port and road net work joining counties within the province will be developed and maintain as per the volume of goods and services transfer.


The employee within this organization will be equally selected from all counties in the Country. 


The head of Central government  department shall be answerable to the provincial assembly through committee formed by the provincial assembly for the performance of the services and services department working within the counties shall be answerable to the county they work through committee formed by the county council first and then  to the respective provincial committee and central assembly.



To provide Currency as per the need of Counties is the responsibility of the Central Government. These currency circulation is made through financial institution (Bank) .The Central government is also responsible to protect  financial structure from fake currency penetrating in the currency circulation.



The shortcomings of our system of military defense must be made good. The defense should be based on intrinsic research and development of technology which can face the challenge of 21st centuries; therefore we will encourage research and development work at all level in the county to fill the gap. We do not believe in depending on others .The Nation does believe in conventional weapons and conventional army .We will encourage small national army with equal representation from all the Counties. At the same time we will incline atomic technology for industrial, medical and electricity generation.

The excess army be relieved from the armed forces but will not rendered jobless, we will accommodate them in creative purpose for construction of dam and other water storage resources in all the County according to their need with development of network of cannels and their maintenance. This job will be assigned to the protector of the country with dignity and respect for their respective service to the nation. We will encourage national defense based on space, conventional, and computer technology to protect the established welfare society and self-sufficiency in industries and agriculture for strong economy, the strongest defense of country can be possible is the economy is strong. All the youth in the Higher education will be provided compulsory army training to fill the gap in case of eventual happening.

The head of three armed wing and head of intelligence department shall be answerable to the elected members of the assembly through the committee looking after defense department. No foreign contact will be encourage or allowed for any armed wing personal or intelligence without prior approval of the defense committee.



Ilyas khan Baloch


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StudentsforDemocracy Topic:   Ukraine invasion by Russia
   Posted By : odin  (Jul 27 2015 1:25:09 PM)
Brian Foley wrote:
I wonder what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370 that disappeared last year also? Very murky.

Dutch Journalist, MH17 Expert: 'UN Tribunal a Desperate Attempt to Hide Kiev's Responsibility'

The proposed UN-backed MH17 tribunal is a “desperate attempt to hide Kiev’s responsibility”, Dutch journalist and blogger Joost Niemoller argues in his post “How Chess Player Putin Wins the MH17 Game”.
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StudentsforDemocracy Topic:   60 Minutes Australia
   Posted By : odin  (Jul 25 2015 1:03:26 PM)
Crack Scotland Yard detective says top brass sabotaged his bid to expose Blair minister in Establishment paedophile ring

Read more: id-expose-Blair-minister-Establishment-paedophile-ring.html
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StudentsforDemocracy Topic:   How the Cooperative farming will help to
   Posted By : odin  (Jul 25 2015 12:55:46 PM)
Brian Foley wrote:
Shut Up

I think he works for the BBC!
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